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Swet Bhairav Metal Embossing Art

Swet Bhairav Metal Embossing Art


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Unlock your creative potential with this unique Swet Bhairav Metal Embossing Art. Create an exclusive design with the embossed metal that will dazzle and stand out. Let your imagination run free as you bring your vision to life!

Swet Bhairav is a statue of Bhairava, avatar of Shiva located in Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu Durbar Square. Swet Bhairav depicts the most dangerous and fierce face of Lord Shiva. The mask of Swet Bhairab is so fierce looking that locals out of fear keep it inside a wooden frame window, and only one frame is opened for the devotees except for a special day: Indra Jatra when all the windows are opened.

Picture size: 9” by 9” on 12 by 12 frame.

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