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Filigree Circle Quilling Earrings

Filigree Circle Quilling Earrings


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These Filigree Circle Quilling Earrings add a touch of artistic elegance to your wardrobe. With intricate details and extraordinary craftsmanship, they mesmerize with their beauty and make a unique statement. Turn heads and showcase your style with these stunning earrings!

Paper weight makes it very light weight product. Hence it is more wearable for those suffering the stretched ears.

* Earrings - 1.5" width, 3" drop & Weighs 0.007 oz approx.
* Materials: Paper (Biodegradable / Eco Friendly)
* Technique: Quilling or paper filigree
* Style: Filigree, Art Deco
* Suited for: Summer Fun Jewelry, Everyday Delicates

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