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Duo Keshi Pearl Set

Duo Keshi Pearl Set


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Elevate your look with this contemporary Duo Keshi Pearl Set. Designed with two unique multicolored freshwater pearls, this set will bring a stylish and dramatic touch to your style. The perfect accessory to make a statement, this set will surely become a favorite go-to piece!

* Earrings - 0.5" width,2.3" drop & Weighs 0.19 oz approx.
* Pendant - 0.5" width, 2.3" length & Weighs 0.13 oz approx.
* Chain - 18" length.
* Materials: Crystal / Pearl
* Technique: Minimization
* Style: Minimalist
* Suited for: Simple, Daily use, Statement accessary, formal
* Materials: Keshi Pearls
* Technique: Beaded
* Style: Minimalist
* Suited for: Elegance, Statement piece


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